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Harvey during sound check at Sheslow Auditorium, Des Moines, IA. 9/7/2002
©2002 Sophia Dilberakis

Name: Harvey Jones

Instrument(s): keyboards, trumpet

Birthplace: Birmingham, UK

Birthday: 9/26/57

Favorite Food: Indian

Current Home: Brooklyn, NYC

Favorite childhood toy: Dalek Suit (from the British TV show Dr. Who)

Last book read: No Logo , Naomi Klein

Most memorable non-Botti gig(s): Donna Lewis, Ben Okafor

What guilty pleasure will you admit to ? Dark chocolate

Do you speak any languages other than English? No

Whose CD are you currently listening to? Mark Eitzel

Other than the Botti Band, I’ve also played in/with: Robbie Dupree, Quiet City, Julian Cope, various U.K. reggae artists.

Musically, I’ve been influenced by: Blue Nile, David Sylvan, Red House Painters, Gang of Four, Brian Eno.

Other current music projects include: Society is Hell, Blue Collar Zen, Darkness Darkness, D.B. Leonard & the New Europeans

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